Defence and Security

The defence market is globally worth over $1.6 trillion with the UK spending an estimated $59.6 billion on defence projects and managing to export ~$1 billion of product.

Defence needs physics research in a large variety of ways that touch on almost all research topics. Examples include new and improved sensors in each part of the EM spectrum as well as the processing required to turn this data into information. The defence market differs from the civilian market with different rules governing what can be traded and to whom. Just as with any market, defence has its own peculiarities and an understanding of these can help when approaching new applications.

SUPA research is directly relevant to defence in a great number of fields. As an example, SUPA has experience with a number of different EM sources including the militarily interesting regions of mid-IR, THz and throughout the RF spectrum. However this only scratches the surface of what can be offered by SUPA, as almost all research fields could have a defence applications including such separate topics as thin films, quantum processing and atom beam interferometry.

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