Market Intel

Market Intelligence

SUPA KT is working to provide information about developments in industry of interest to the SUPA academics. Two principal areas where this is can be found are in industry Roadmaps and Market Surveys.

Market Surveys

We have done in depth analysis of three Market Sectors which match with the aspirations of SUPA researchers; Medical Imaging, Defence, and Life Sciences.

Defence and Security
The defence market is globally worth over $1.6 trillion with the UK spending an estimated $59.6 billion on defence projects and managing to export ~$1 billion of product. Defence needs, for example, new and improved sensors in each part of the EM spectrum as well as the processing required to turn this data into information.
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Life Sciences
Key markets within the SUPA’s physics and life science theme are point-of-care diagnostics ($13.7bn), pharmaceuticals ($643bn) and microscopy ($3bn). SUPA challenges the way that life scientists perceive and understand the biological world, and works with life science and medical technology companies to develop new and exciting technology and techniques.
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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging is a $20 Billion per annum market which incorporates various modalities to discover the state of organs etc within the body without invasive procedures. These modalities go from the now traditional X-ray radiography to Magnetic Particle Imaging and include Nuclear Medicine.
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Industry Roadmaps

We have identified a number of industry roadmaps to help you understand where your research may fit in the wider picture of industrial progress. The links below are to a number of sources such as the European Technology Platforms, like Photonics 21, and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors.

European Technology Platforms
European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led stakeholder groups charged with defining EU research priorities in a broad range of technological areas.  Membership is open to both industry and academia and not only provides very useful information about market need in a given sector, but also gives an opportunity to steer the direction of future research funding.
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Photonics 21
Photonics 21 is the European Technology Platform for photonics. There are 7 work groups under Photonics 21. The Multiannual Strategic Roadmap 2014-2020, produced by the Workgroups, has been published, which contains the recommendations for Photonics calls under Horizon2020.
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Harnessing Light II
Optics and Photonics, Essential Technologies for our Nation is a report prepared by the US National Research Council Committee on Harnessing Light into the present trends and future needs of the US in optics and photonics. A summary is available on request.
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International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
The ITRS is assessment by the semiconductor industry for its future technology needs.
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