SUPA KT’s mission is to increase commercial engagement between SUPA and industry. This will generate revenue for SUPA and will allow commercial exploitation of research to the benefit of the economy of Scotland and beyond.


Our method of working involves both a Strategic and Programme-led approach: Our Strategic work is based on a “market-pulled” strategy. We have identified certain industrial market sectors for which the R&D in SUPA may have significance; we investigate those sectors, map the state-of-the-art and develop contacts with companies world-wide in order to identify and understand opportunities arising from un-met needs of industry where SUPA R&D might confer a commercial competitive advantage. We inform, encourage and assist research groups to work with industrial partners to address these commercial opportunities through collaborative or contract research and development. Our Programme tasks are defined by external funding bodies. We presently have 3 funded programmes:

  • PEER provides financial support for developing EU proposals with industrial involvment
  • INSPIRE providing studentships and staff exchanges in the PaLS (Physics applied to Life Sciences) sector – funded by Scottish Funding Council Horizon Fund
  • PIPS Fellowship developing commercial exploitation programmes from STFC-funded research programmes – funded by STFC (Science and Technology Funding Council)


Needle-Based Ultrasound Imaging Device
The Institute of Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT) at the University of Dundee has helped Envision Design Ltd, through support from a SUPA START Award, to develop a new device that uses ultrasound for use in imaging soft tissue, like cancer tumors.

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